Put this leader and his trio solidly in the top ten of the world's working string trios (Rosenberg Trio, Trio Balkan Strings, Bell/Meyer/Bush, Austria's Triology and Iceland's Guitar Islancio among them) and there's a pantheon of pure playful--and tuneful--pleasure.
Jurgen Goethe CBC (Disc Drive)

"I'd compare it to the music David Grisman made with the late Jerry Garcia."
Robert Reid - Guelph Mercury

"Atkinson backs up his jaw-dropping technique with real -- and really good -- music. Check the Spanish-sounding, rapid-fire arpeggios opening "Bright Eyed Waltz" as it transforms into a fun, twirling turn. "Walker" is absolutely dazzling. Expertly backed by Chris Frye on guitar and Joey Smith on bass, this is exuberantly fresh and sparkling, a wonderful gem."
John P. Mclaughlin - The Vancouver Province

"...punching out lively tunes with technical prowess, yet still interspersed with episodes of emotionally-charged improv . . . he darts up and down the length of the fret-board, plucking out a barrage of well-timed notes with amazing dexterity."
Victoria News

"The release of the Marc Atkinson Trio's aptly-titled fourth CD, IV, is cause for celebration."
Joseph Blake Times Colonist

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